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Consultant clinical psychologist

Mrs. Charity Teku Kuwornu is a licensed consultant clinical psychologist who has a large plethora of accomplishments in diverse health areas. She is also a specialist in general health, nursing and midwifery. Aside practicing in psychology, nursing, midwifery and general health, many students have benefited from her tutelage. To give her practice and teaching of psychology an added benefit to patients, clients and students. Charity is pursuing PhD in Clinical Psychology/Genetic medicine at the University of Ghana. Her desire to bring out the best in people who come into contact with her has sparked her research interest into genetic disease and genetic medicine. Most people who know Charity love her not just for her professional and academic accomplishments, but especially for her deep reverence for God and charitable works as her name defines her. Every person she meets in life is another opportunity to leave a legacy behind. This stems from her deep conviction that we live not to serve ourselves but to serve others. Her practice is indeed rich in the application of modern quality standards and African values


Professor of Clinical/Health Psychology

Joseph Osafo is an Associate Professor of Clinical/Health Psychology and Head of the Department of Psychology, University of Ghana. He has been a lead investigator/co-investigator on various projects in the areas of suicidality, maternal/child health, and mental health. Professor Osafo has published more than 50 articles in international peer reviewed journals and is a licensed practicing clinical psychologist/suicidologist in Ghana. He is a member of the following international associations: International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) and Critical Suicidology. He is the Executive Director for Centre for Suicide and Violence Research- Ghana (CSVR)

EDUCATION: BA, Mphil (Ghana), PhD – NTNU (Norway)


Clinical Psychology, Health Science (Suicidology), Adolescent Sexuality

Priscilla Osei-Bonsu

Clinical Psychologist

Priscilla Osei-Bonsu is a Clinical Psychologist at SOW Consult, a private psychological services center. She holds an MPhil in Clinical Psychology and BA in Psychology, from the University of Ghana. She also works as the Research Assistant for the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP- Partnerships of Life- African Region), a leading suicide prevention organization, involved in developing national suicide response strategies across African countries. Her research interests are in developmental psychology with a particular focus on child and adolescent mental health, emotion regulation and suicide.

Mr Emmanuel Kwame Danso

research fellow

Mr Danso Emmanuel Kwame is a proactive gentleman with excellent time management skills, always meeting deadlines

to being a good team player whilst capable of personal initiative as well in the projection of all institutions and endeavour he finds himself. Always interested in getting work done and done properly.

Ms Eunice Panford-Quainoo

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Eunice Panford-Quainoo is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales. She holds a PhD (Psychiatry) from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Before her PhD studies, she practised as a Clinical Psychologist, holding an MPhil (Clinical Psychology) from the University of Ghana. She is generally registered with and endorsed as a credentialled Clinical Psychologist by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). She is also a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). With her background in clinical psychology, her research interests focus on mental health and well-being, behavioural health, suicide, the criminal justice system, alcohol & other drugs, workplace mental health programs, and evaluation of programs and services.

She also works on a range of projects with national and international collaborators, including assessing Ghana’s mental health system and services to improve the system and service delivery. In addition, she is interested in improving access to evidence-based care through technology and the translation of research into practice.



Dr. Abishai Anlimah is a licensed consultant clinical psychologist on very high demand who defies categorization. Following his undergraduate studies in Psychology, he proceeded to pursue Clinical Psychology from the University of Ghana. He currently practices as a Clinical Psychologist, Researcher and Lecturer. These to him are neither about professions nor career building, but about the love and passion to impact practical wisdom, African-centered scientific values and life support to people. It is therefore his cogent creed to offer his valuable services to all, especially the vulnerable in society such as children, teenagers, women, elderly and persons with disability. Following his passion for mental health, Abishai supported and became the Head of Friends of Mental Health – an NGO that focuses on seeking funds to support mental health in Ghana. Furthermore, he has had numerous clinical experiences working in the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

Throughout his career in the health sector, he has had rich experiences working in departments/unit such as Stroke, Burns & Reconstructive Surgery, Fevers, Nephrology, Sickle Cell, Hematology and Psychiatry. Currently, he also serves as the Managing Director for Delight Wellness Consult (DWC) where his erudite interventions have helped in cases such as stress, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, dissociative disorders, personality disorders, adjustment disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, sleep wake disorders, substance-related and addictive disorders and many more. Interests in positive psychology has moved him to also make phenomenal impact in non-clinical cases such as learning and memory enhancement, attention training, time management, self-esteem, and many others. With a desire to promote African interest and virtues, Abishai has been a passionate reader of peer-reviewed journals that bother on Pan-Africanism, health/wellbeing and traditional treatment.

These areas have therefore steered his research interests. Many students in the University of Ghana and University of Professional Studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels have benefited phenomenally from his tutelage. As he works in the most practical, ethical and scientific-oriented African modus, his commitment will always be to provide psychological health intervention, research and impact knowledge until his good is better, and better, best.

Delight Wellness consult  provides specialized psychological  services to individuals, organizations, and communities. 

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