1. Blue:
    • Color Code: #3498db
    • Blue is a versatile color that is calming and trustworthy. Lighter shades like #3498db can evoke feelings of serenity and reliability, while darker shades can add depth and sophistication to the design.
  2. Green:
    • Color Code: #2ecc71
    • Green is associated with nature, growth, and harmony. This particular shade (#2ecc71) symbolizes freshness, vitality, and balance. It can create a sense of peace and stability, making it suitable for websites related to environmental conservation, health, and wellness.
  3. Yellow:
    • Color Code: #f1c40f
    • Yellow is a vibrant and energetic color that can instantly grab attention and evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. This shade (#f1c40f) is bright and cheerful, making it suitable for highlighting important elements or call-to-action buttons on websites. It can be particularly effective for websites promoting creativity, positivity, and youthfulness.